There are always fun activities and events at All American Assisted Living at Hanson

Activities Program

Putting the Emphasis on Living

Part of living at All American Assisted Living at Hanson means that you will have the opportunity to be engaged in a wide range of fun activities, from entertainment to enrichment. The goal is to help our residents be as active as they can and want to be. And, aside from organized activities, our community houses a parlor and library, a computer center, arts and crafts room, and media room, so residents can do what they want when they want. Whether it’s a lifelong passion or a new skill, our residents will have diverse and constant opportunities to engage with others, enjoy themselves, and continue to grow as a person.

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All American Assisted Living at Hanson


1074 W Washington St Hanson, MA 02341 US

Arts & Culture

Ceramics, cooking classes and demonstrations, visits to local historical sites in Massachusetts and surrounding areas, theatrical and musical performances, painting, and more.


Lecture series and workshops through our Come Fly With Us Activity Loyalty Program, book clubs, and discussions around current events of interest to Massachusetts and the national/global level.

Exercise & Fitness

Walking groups, tai chi, chair yoga, low impact aerobics, strength training, gardening, All American Assisted Living at Hanson Optimal Living program.

Spiritual Growth

Religious services, bible study, discussion groups, meditation, and worship services in and around greater All American Assisted Living at Hanson.


Computer instruction and assistance with email, Facebook, Internet use, and Skype.


Parties, seasonal events, movies, bridge, bingo, group word games, and trivia nights.


Local restaurants in Hanson and surrounding areas, grocery and retail stores, attractions, community events.

Enjoy activities and events at All American Assisted Living at Hanson
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Come Fly With Us…Our Exclusive Activity Loyalty Program

Reaching new heights…Learning is for Life! As part of our commitment to offering innovative, fun and educational programs the Come Fly With Us Frequent Flyer Program was created. With loyalty cards for each resident and awards at the end of each month for those with the most participation, our program encourages engagement and rewards participation. Programs ranging from guest lecture series, drama instruction, book clubs and more are part of the monthly offerings.