Management has bent over backwards for my parents, myself and brother in-in-law. They walked us through the whole thing because it was quite the transition for my parents.. Overall, they feel safe and comfortable at the community, so it’s been a good experience for them.

Carl S (Son)

The activities are great, my loved one became social there, which was great. The cook was asking about the resident’s preferences, what they might want to change out, so I think they’re very attentive .

Elaine A

This place is one of the best places I’ve seen around.

Robert H (Spouse)

I’ve spent a lot of time there and talked to so many of the employees there, every one of them has treated me with ultra high respect. The expertise they have, the attitude that they run that place with, they follow up. The whole dining atmosphere was awesome. The rooms are very clean and the grounds are picture perfect.

Barry R (Friend)